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Small Wedding Sound System Setup.

Here are a few tips for your wedding day, Deejay & Sound System! With Nightlife Entertainment.


First of all you need an experienced Deejay that you can reley on

& now you need a professional sound system just enough to rock the house

Every Deejay you book with us, The Deejay is trained to use todays technology & Laptop PC and a Deejay Controller, Call it what you want, well it`s not the 1960`s any more Clients Even want us to play tune from youtube, and deejaying today have gone another way. Vinyl's that is the past with Mobile discos. The music industry is so vast of different types of music that we buy all kinds of music every week, so if you wish to tailor you`re music for you`re wedding day with us it`s not a problem, Just book and here below give us you`re list of music and on the day we will have all you`re favourites Tunes ready to be played 

This is how it would look like in our package for about 40 to 60 People that consist in!!

  • 2 x 12 Inc Speaker 300watts per channel
  • 1 Deejay + laptop + Controller
  • Amplification
  • Light Effects on Stands & Under each Speaker White Skirting with light Effect
  • Table & Table Clothe for you`re Deejays Elegance
  • Wires for systems
  • Setup Mantel & Dismantling 

Here is another Setup for 300 People here we have is a sound system that consist of!!

  • 2 x 12 Inc Speaker 300watts per channel
  • 1 X 15 Inc Bass Bin 500watts 
  • 1 Deejay + laptop + Controller
  • Amplification
  • Light Effects
  • Table & Table Clothe for you`re Deejay
  • Wires for systems
  • Setup Mantel & Dismantling, As you can see setting is by day so that nothing can happen to disrupt the event