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Technical Persons & Equipment with The Elegant & Stylish DYNACORD XA Pro 2  All New from DYNACORD Top Notch Pro Sound System for your Party Needs,

IT Can Handle A Crowd of up to 3 To 4,000 People 

With Our new Xa-2 PRO systems, once again Nightlife Entertainment is setting the highest standards in audio performance, reliability and price. Ideal for: • Top-40 Indoor/Outdoor Live Events • High Power mobile DJ events • High Quality corporate events • High-Power speech reinforcement • Multimedia events • In Out Theatre applications • High-quality neodymium components combined with new Constant Q horns and patented planar waveguide bass horns deliver maximum sound pressure and superlative audio performance.

 XA2-PRO – XA4000 
The XA2-PRO – XA4000 System is a completely preconfigured, extremely powerful plug and play sound reinforcement system including a system controller. It consists of two XA4000 amplifiers with built-in controllers. Simply set it up, switch it on and off you go!
DYNACORD - XA2-PRO System - Xa 4000 Amps     Specifications

DYNACORD XA2 - PRO System - Xa 4000 Amps


DYNACORD XA - FX12-PRO Speakers.

DYNACORD XA - FX 20 Bass Speakers.

Digital Mixers For Your Favourite Band With Nightlife Mobile Disco


Years After Year Of Advanced Technology we Keep Uptodate, So all your Needs Are In Hand Nightlife Mobile Disco Sound Rentals


Powered PA Mixers

  • The Dynacord Powermate 1600 16 Mono Mic Channel 2 X 700watts Rms into 4 Ohms

Deejay Mixers

  • Pioneer 
  • Allen & Heath Qu 24
  •  5 X Stereo 3 X Mics Channel

Disco Pro Sound Speaker & Monitors

  • 8 X Dynacord Speaker 12 Inc 500Watts Rms Each
  • 2 X Yamaha Speaker 15 Inc 650Watts Rms Each
  • 4 X Sub Bass Bins Dynacord XAPro 2 600watts Each

All Equipment

Are hired with Profesional wires with Safty in mind

For a quatation E.mail us & give us you`re full name Address & full description what you need if equipment or deejays & we will be back with you.

Pro Other Equipments

12 X Speaker stands

10 X Mic Stands

Elegant White Stand Covers 

Di Box - Radial Engineering Pro D2

DI Box - Radial Engineering Pro AV2

Pro Snake  16 In-4 Out Multicore


2 X 15 Inc Sub Bass Bins 500watts Rms